Apr. 10th, 2006

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Our day was supposed to start at 5 AM when our alarm would go off. It actually started at 5:25 when Chrissie woke me up. Apparently I was stupid and set the alarm to go off at 5 PM. Good thing she was on the ball.

We showered in a big rush and got out the door at 6 AM to head for the hospital. Chrissie was admitted into a semi-private room before being sent to Labour & Delivery. We waited there for a while, and then they prepped Chrissie for her C-section and I got into scrubs. They took her into the O.R. to put the spinal block in while I waited impatiently in the hall. They finally let me in at 8:45. Keep in mind that the surgery was scheduled to start at 8:30... I was worried they had forgotten about me.

Chrissie was spread out on the table and they were swabbing her belly with that yellow-brown antiseptic gunk. I settled in by her left arm and things got under way. They put the curtain up so I couldn't see anything (thank you) and we had a good chat with the anesthesiologist. It turns out Chrissie knew him from her store and his wife is a teacher at Nick's school. Small world.

Finally it was time to get the baby out. I looked over the curtain and saw the baby's head - a glimpse of dark hair. Then they hoisted it out and I saw we had a baby boy! (at 9:06) He was fairly purple then and covered in white gunk, of course. The nurses held him up for us to see, then whisked him over to the side to clean him off a bit and wrap him up.

Then I got to hold him! He seemed pretty hefty for a newborn, especially one eight days before his due date.

My boy and I were taken out of the room while Mommy was stitched back up. We went down to the nursery for him to get weighed. He stretched out on the scale and weighed in at 9 lbs 9 ounces! No wonder he felt so heavy.

The nurse was concerned about his breathing. He seemed to be struggling a bit and she decided it would be better to send him to the neo-natal unit for observation. I went with him and they put him in an "isolette", one of those little incubator-dealies. They fed a bit of oxygen in and soon he started to look better. I decided I really should tell our parents that they had a grandson.

I found my parents and told them the story, crying a bit while I talked about the need for oxygen. Chrissie's parents Wayne and Sandra showed up with Lauren and we brought them up to date as well. I went to talk to Chrissie in the recovery room and let her know what was going on. Apparently the nurses had told her some of this already. We called a few people to let them know about the new baby and I did a bit of shuttling between the parents, Chrissie and my new son.

Once Chrissie was done in the recovery room, we went to our room. Chrissie was a little ill, unfortunately. After staying with her for a bit, I went to the neo-natal unit to visit our son. He was doing pretty well and they expected to transfer him to the regular nursery by noon or so. Our parents decided to come back in a while, and I went to have a quick snack while Chrissie slept. Our son came to visit us a few times in our room, in between shots and checkups.

We had a few visitors... my parents and Chrissie's parents. Chrissie's parents brought Nick after he was done school.
Sandra, Chrissie's mom
Wayne, Chrissie's dad
My dad, George

We still hadn't given him his name yet. We were torn between two names and flip-flopped between them a few times. By 3 PM or so he told us which he preferred. World, meet James Russell Boyko (Jamie), age 7 hours.


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