Jun. 1st, 2005


Jun. 1st, 2005 03:33 pm
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Last night, Steve and I went to see Sarah McLachlan in Saint John.

There is only one word. Wow.

I've been a fan since my sister brought home Fumbling Towards Ecstasy in about 1993. I have far too many cds of hers. Never once thought I'd see her in concert since we live in the middle of freaking nowhere, concert-wise.

But in mid-January I heard she was coming. We bought our tickets on January 24, and last night was the show.

Some Swedish band called The Perishers opened for her. They were good. Very Gin Blossomy.

Then there was Sarah. She played for 2 hours. 2 encores. 3 standing ovations. When she sang "Angel"... wow. I was thinking about how I used to sing it to Lauren when she was a wee tiny baby, "you're in the arms of your mommy, may you find some comfort here" - and man, i just started crying. It was just so beautiful. That was the first of the 3 standing ovations.

She did a bunch of songs from Afterglow, which although I own, I'm not so familiar with. She did "I Will Remember You". She did 4 or 5 from Surfacing, and she did I think 6 from Fumbling. It's so weird - I know ALL the songs on that cd, but at least 3 times I was singing along, knowing all the words, but thinking it was an entirely different song.

She really rocked out on a couple of them too. weird, because you don't think of Sarah has having such a hard edge.

I can't seem to string two coherant thoughts together, but man, if you ever get a chance to see Sarah live, it's worth it :)


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