Feb. 17th, 2005

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The girl is sleeping. Obviously, since we have an appointment at the car dealership at 1pm. Why WOULDN'T she choose today to have a morning nap?? I suppose I can let her sleep another 30m or so but then I'll have to wake her up to get her dressed and give her some lunch. Sigh.

Oooh, we bought her Big Girl Bedding last night! She doesn't have her Big Girl Bed yet - I'm still not sure when is a good time for that. I mean, she LOVES to jump on beds, and now that she can open doors, what's to keep her from roaming the house in the middle of the night? But eventually she will be in a big girl bed so she needed bedding. We got it at Zellers. It's purple plaid with bees and butterflies on it. It'll probably do her til she's 10 or so. I really didn't want to get a character on her bedding - Pooh or Dora or Disney Princesses. Those lose their appeal WAY too fast.

ACK! Doorbell. I hate when the doorbell rings while she's sleeping.

Okay back. It was some guy raising money for... something by selling magazine subscriptions. If there had been anything remotely interesting to me on it I might have gone for it, but alas. No.

Okay, Now I must go dry my hair before I wake the girl up.


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