Feb. 13th, 2005

It's late

Feb. 13th, 2005 02:11 am
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and I'm up. and really, not so tired. Dare I peek my head into the MUSH? Ohhhh

Okay, i dared. [livejournal.com profile] angelamermaid is there. That is all. Do the rest of you have lives at 2am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning?

Why am I up?

Well, it all starts off at about 7:30. Lauren, who btw, hasn't pooped in like EIGHT DAYS was moaning around whining "ooooh changeabum!! changeabum!" but you know, there was nothing to change. So I was sitting here at the computer rocking her trying to calm her down and she fell asleep. At about 8pm. Still dressed, not bathed, and no bottle. So okay, I put her in her crib.

She woke up at 1:20am. and thank the good lord above, she had pooped. Some of you may not realize what a BIG DEAL this is, but any parent of a constipated toddler will tell you - it's a BIG DEAL. So we got her changed, got her dose of her mineral oil medicine and brought her and her bottle into bed with us.

She drank her bottle and was dozy but too happy to be in mommy and daddy's bed to actually goto sleep. So finally I told her it was time to go to her cribby and she reluctantly agreed.

Now here it is, 2:20am and I'm awake. We have big plans to be out of the house by 10am to goto Winterfest and out for lunch and get Nick to bowling by 1pm tomorrow. I'm not sure we'll make it.

Not without a lot of help from Tim Horton's anyway :)


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