Feb. 11th, 2005

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Think about what cities or towns you've lived in (not just visited) in your life, and post them in your journal.

March 1973-May 1973 Unity, SK
May 1973 to 1974 sometime Prince Albert, SK
1974-1975 Tisdale, SK
1975-1977 Burstall, SK
1977-1986 Saskatoon, SK
1986-1990 Regina, SK
1990-1996 Winnipeg, MB
6 weeks in the summer of 1991 - Vancouver, BC
1996-1998 Crystal City, MB
1998-2000 Regina, SK
2000-now Fredericton, NB

For someone who is usually so anal about details, I'm ashamed to admit that although I know the order of the first 4 places is correct, I truly have no idea about the dates.


So, it's blizzarding. Even a HINT of bad weather seems to cancel school around here. You KNOW Nick is going to be home tomorrow. And that with the roads being bad I'm not going to want to drive the 15km to the gym. And oh, I skipped on the gym on Wednesday because I couldn't breathe out of my nose and thought that might be important for exercising. So my point is, I'm going to be home with the kids tomorrow and grumpy for not having gotten to the gym. Whee.


The MUSH is a giant time suck. That is all.
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I was right. Snow day today.

We even spent about an hour and a half outside messing around in the snow. Lauren would have happily stayed longer, but Mommy was tired of it.

She's such a diva...


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