Feb. 8th, 2005

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so i'm sitting here in tears. i'm going to make no sense, but i['m not going to delete it and fix it up either.

it's strange for me to be this upset. i met rog, aka the east coast butt exactly once. 9 years ago in chicago. he was one of the cool kids, ya know? he always made me laugh itz. wasn't the pubic gardens in the MUSH his typo? shae and rog sort of disappeared off my radar after the nook went away. every so often in my nostalgic phase i would google them to try to see what they were up to. i knew shae had a soap business and they were in ohio, but that's all.

i'm sitting here with my baby on my knee. my baby who wouldn't be here without the zone. and i can't even imagine the anguish shae must be in.

i know i have some pictures of him from Ganza. i will go on a search for them in the boxes in the basement tonight and would whoever is going to do the scrapbook please post about it somewhere so i can get them to you. and thanks stell for organizing the money.

let the incoherant ramblings come to an end. for now.
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So i found the picture of _rog that I went searching for tonight. Found all my Ganza pictures in fact. I figured out why in Stell's recent post of Ganza pictures that I was hidden behind a camera. I have one of her in exactly the same position!

it must have been karma - we moved at the end of September and my basement is a sea of boxes and racecar sets. I found my photo albums in the second box i looked in.

i also found a picture of East Coast Butt vs West Coast Butt. and of Stell's first drink.



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