Jun. 4th, 2005 12:13 am
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They can be weird, ya know.

So it was about 4:55 today. I was off at 5. A guy came to the counter to see if his doctor had called in his prescription for malaria prevention pills. He had. We went to get it ready. It came to $346.

Understandably, Dude was upset. I mean, that's a lot of money for malaria pills. However. At 4:55pm on a Friday afternoon, there is not a whole lot I can do about it. I can't change it to something else without the doctor's okay. Chances of finding a family doctor in his office at 4:55pm on a Friday? yeah, none.

So I ask the dude when he's leaving on his trip, thinking we could call on Monday. Yeah, tomorrow morning. So to sum up, THE DAY BEFORE his trip to some malaria infested country, he calls his doctor for a prescription, then comes for it at FIVE PM on a Friday afternoon, just assuming there would be no issues. And you know, even if he was willing to go for the $346 prescription, I don't think we had that many tablets on hand. Our next order arrives on Monday morning.

I suppose I should mention this drug needs to be taken for 1-2 days before entering the area and then for at least a week after leaving the area. Oh, did I mention the Rx was for 70 pills? That means we're looking at an EIGHT WEEK trip here. Not exactly a spur of the moment thing. Do people not think ahead??

At 5:00pm, as one of the techs was asking for my opinion on what we could do for the guy, I actually said to her, "you know what? It's 5pm. This is officially Not My Problem. Ask Heather."
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They're only cute when they're two.

Yesterday was Mall Day. I was pulling into a parking space at Walmart - apparently cutting it a little close.

Lauren pipes up from the back seat... "Be careful Mommy!"

And after I straighted up a bit... "You did it!!!!"


A while back, I had the misfortune of crashing into our bags of recycling as I backed out of the garage. Lauren wasn't upset. She just yelled, "Try again, Mommy!!"

So nice to have her support. :)


Jun. 1st, 2005 03:33 pm
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Last night, Steve and I went to see Sarah McLachlan in Saint John.

There is only one word. Wow.

I've been a fan since my sister brought home Fumbling Towards Ecstasy in about 1993. I have far too many cds of hers. Never once thought I'd see her in concert since we live in the middle of freaking nowhere, concert-wise.

But in mid-January I heard she was coming. We bought our tickets on January 24, and last night was the show.

Some Swedish band called The Perishers opened for her. They were good. Very Gin Blossomy.

Then there was Sarah. She played for 2 hours. 2 encores. 3 standing ovations. When she sang "Angel"... wow. I was thinking about how I used to sing it to Lauren when she was a wee tiny baby, "you're in the arms of your mommy, may you find some comfort here" - and man, i just started crying. It was just so beautiful. That was the first of the 3 standing ovations.

She did a bunch of songs from Afterglow, which although I own, I'm not so familiar with. She did "I Will Remember You". She did 4 or 5 from Surfacing, and she did I think 6 from Fumbling. It's so weird - I know ALL the songs on that cd, but at least 3 times I was singing along, knowing all the words, but thinking it was an entirely different song.

She really rocked out on a couple of them too. weird, because you don't think of Sarah has having such a hard edge.

I can't seem to string two coherant thoughts together, but man, if you ever get a chance to see Sarah live, it's worth it :)
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So i was downstairs scrapbooking, when i heard my sweet baby crying. I ran upstairs and she was trying to open her door and when I got it open, she practically jumped into my arms in terror. I don't know WHAT she was afraid of, but she seemed very afraid.

I laid with her for a while and sang to her and rubbed her back, and as I was trying to get up to leave, she jumped up and wanted "uppy, mommy! uppy!"

So, i held her and rocked her but she's just getting so big, so I laid down and she snuggled in right on top of me. Any time I tried to get up she just clung to me.

So I told her i had to go get my jammies on and brush my teeth, so I laid her in bed with daddy. she's still there.

i'm half afraid to try to move her, yet I really don't want to sleep in her bed.

i wish i knew what frightened her so - i hate to see her like that.
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from [ profile] abbeyrd

1) The number of books I own:
Good question. They're all in boxes. Maybe 200 or so. But does that count all the coverless ones I snagged from Crystal City before I moved away?!?

2) The last book I bought:

Umm... lemme go see. It's in my bedroom... Just One Look by Harlan Coben.

3) The last book I read:

3rd Degree by James Patterson. A suckass thriller wannabe.

4) Five books that mean a lot to me (In no particular order)

IT by Stephen King. Don't know why - Just my all time favourite Stephen King book. And don't tell me that The Stand is better. I read that when I was 12 and it just did nothing for me. :)

Emily of New Moon By L.M. Montgomery. Very Anne-esque, but not so well known. The CBC TV series blows.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I still can't read it to Lauren without getting all choked up.

And honestly, since all my books are still packed away, that's all I can think of.

No tagging from me, since I swear I'm the last to do this. :)
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I have reacheck the "NEED FOOD" [art of oging to sleep under the invluence of imovane.

good thing i hvae GUMMY woRMS!!!!

"i mean, jesus christ it's just a worm"

that quote attributed to matthew, 6yo son of a coworker as he explains his fear of worms, adn apparently feels some shame in this fear.

cracks me up to this very day.
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To my darling daughter,

We need to discuss more appropriate wake up times. For the record, 6:45am is NOT appropriate. Where did the days of 9:45 go?? At this point, I'd enjoy the 8:15 of two weeks ago. Just please, no more 6:45am.

Love, Mommy


I was at work tonight. Since I don't normally work Thursdays, I was asked why I was there. My answer? "I need money for grass".

LAWN grass, of course. Landscaping is freaking expensive.


Steve lost his laptop computer. For 2 days he didn't know where the sucker was. Last night he asked me if I knew where it was. I told him i'd go look around upstairs for a bit. Less than 10 seconds later I had found it. It was under my pants. No, I'm not real good at putting my clothes away, why do you ask?

In a related story, tonight at work, Pam couldn't find the Glucagon. Looked all over for it. I suggested 2 or 3 different possibilities, then said, "did you look under my pants?"

Sometimes, I crack myself up. And only myself, apparently, judging by the totally blank look on her face ;)


Scrapbooking dilemma. Yeah, I know. Big crisis. Anyway. I'm working on Lauren's album. I'm in December 2003. It's getting pretty full and I need a new album pretty soon. My dilemma is, do I have a 2003 album, a 2004 album, etc. or do I have a Lauren's First Year album, Second Year album. Her birthday is January 27. Discuss. ;)


I think I shall go read now. For those of you who like murder mystery type books, may I suggest Harlan Coben. He's tres bien.
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It's still Friday somewhere...

Happy birthday to viridescenceThe Woman. Hope you had a great day!!!
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the keys aqre too small. i make too many typeos.

why am i on a laptop? well, my parents are sleeping in the spare room aka the compter room. steve brought his laptop home from work after i went through a 4 day email/LJ withdrawal. it wasn't pretty. ;P

all is well with the visit - lauren loves them. my dad and steve are building the train room. my mom is hemming my pants. we went looking for patterns for my bridesmaid dress. it's all good.

i'm going to work tomorrow and leaving them with lauren. i'm curious about how she'll be - she's fine with them when i'm home, but she isn't used to Just Them. we shall see. we're also going out for dinner tomorrow, because after working til 5, i am SO not coming home to cook. and i refuse to ask my mom to cook for us. so we're going to Dimitri's for good cheap greek food.


i think the last time i didn't work a saturday AND was in Fredericton was.... um.... when i was still on Maternity leave. we are going to the Farmer's Market and i cannot wait!

and now i must sleep. i have tg work tomorrow. :)
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I stay up too late. But I'm not tired. Even with the help of pills. 2 Gravol tonight - save the Imovane for when I really need it.

I go to bed late - 3am last night. Lauren doesn't care. She comes toddling into our room at 8:15 today. Realistically NOT a bad time. For me? Seems freaking early.

I doze giving her the bottle.

I'm so tired that I caffeinate myself during the day. Today? 2 diet colas, 1 large Tim's coffee, one medium.

By the time it's bedtime for normal people, I'm so caffeinated, I can't sleep.

So I take pills to try to goto sleep.

I KNOW what I'm doing wrong. I KNOW. I need to cut down on the caffeine. I need to go to bed at a decent hour. I KNOW.

I just can't seem to make that leap from KNOWING to DOING.
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I don't know when she stopped being a baby and became a little girl...

April 29, 2003

April 11, 2004

April 6, 2005

A coworker of mine had a baby on Thursday. Makes me miss my baby Lauren. I love love love my Big Girl Lauren, but I do still miss my baby.
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i forgot that i had to goto work tomorrow., til like 12:35am. i took an imovane. i laid in bed and tormented my husband for a bit. 12:50 took 2 gravo's and left the room. i'm thinking they're working some becuae my typing ins bettiong worse. getting worse. so chedck out this lovely schedule, all because Ryan thinks hse needs to go be with his wife as they're giving birth to their first child. :P

Friday ap29 - 10-5
saturdaat ap30 9-6
sunday may 1 off
monday 5-9 in oromocto
tuesday may 3 5-10
wedensdayy may 4off
thursday may 5 5-10
frioday may 6 5-10
saturday may 7 9-6

may not sound THAT bad, but a) i won't see my husband and B) my parens are arriving from winniepg on May 7 at 5:30pm. So my days leading up to that are alone with a 2 year old - not conducive to getting ANYTHING done and then work. i have a list of things i was planning to make and bake. and buy for groceries. we'll see how organized i get. OH and also must gotot he gym 3 days nextweek. ack ack ack.

wehn i take my sleeping pills i get SO HUNGRY AND THURSDAY. THIRSTY. must stumble down stairs to sleee if if ic an find antying . .....

i have crackers and oj and agranola barr. i have done eleventy six loads of laundry in the past 2 days. it's starting to get to me.

and you peolpe all need to post more. what's this about someirishbaby? :)
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1. Phone call at 8:30. I was still in bed. Lauren was still sleeping. It was my boss wondering if I could come in to work today. I told her, "I just don't see how I can", what with not having child care arranged and still being in bed and all! It was for a good reason though - my coworker, Jayne, was being induced to have her baby this morning. Jayne's husband, also a co-worker, kinda needed to be there and my boss needed his shift covered.

I'm happy to take extra hours, I just need a bit more than 30m notice.

2. As Lauren and I were settling into our morning routine, entitled, "Blankie Mommy", she stepped in cat puke and freaked out. I'd freak out too - poor little baby. But I washed her foot, cleaned it up, and all was well.

Then we went to the gym, came home, had lunch, watched some Sesame, made supper, went for groceries and went to bed. a fun filled day.
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After a very stressful 4 hours at work. 112 Rx filled in 4 hours. That's almost 1 every 2 minutes. And 2 mistakes made that I know about. It always happens when you're trying to hurry - mistakes get made. Stupid stupid STUPID mistakes - not life-threatening, just STUPID things that shouldn't happen. And yet when I'm trying to please people by getting their meds to them quickly, stupid things happen.

But I did buy myself some sparkly lip gloss and sparkly eye shadow in folie d'or to help me get over my stress.

And then I remember the sweetest thing my daughter has ever said to me. We were playing today and I was making her laugh and she looked at me and said, "You're so cute, Mommy!". I love that child.

And now I must eat. The peanut butter toast from 3:30pm is long gone.
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Big Girl Bed - Night 2. All is well. She was sleeping on top of the covers down at the foot of the bed, but I have since moved her into proper position. She didn't get out of bed at all tonight. I wonder how she'll be in the morning??


Big trip to Saint John to spend my Old Navy gift cards today. I got 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of work pants and 1 Tshirt. Lauren got one shirt and one pair of khaki capris. Nick got 1 tshirt. steve got nothing. It's all good.


I think i quite like that Grey's Anatomy show. Gotta admit I didn't see the whole Dr Yang/ Dr Burke thing coming. Well, not before tonight anyway.


13 more days til my parents come! Whee!! Of course the downside of that is 13 more days to clean my house and decide what in hell i'm going to feed them and shop for provisions. of course, i suck, so Molly Maid is coming to clean my house for me. Back in the day when i was working full time, they would come every other week and clean my house. Oh, how i miss that. Right now, I can get one room clean at a time, but I canNOT seem to get the whole house clean at once. I figure we can spring for that once or twice a year. :)


Tomorrow is gym day. I hate the gym. I've been going faithfully for 16+ months now, and I still hate it. I wonder when that will stop?


Tuesday is mall day. Lauren is also getting her pictures taken at Sears. She is 27 months old now.


Wednesday is gym day AND optometrist day. I figured I hadn't been in 3+ years so it was time to go. See if my LASIK is holding. It's been 6+ years since I had THAT done. The first time.


Thursday is gym day. and possibly grocery day. we shall see.


Friday is Work Day. So is Saturday.


With my weeks this predictable, it's no freaking wonder one week just blurs into the next.
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... and it actually went quite well.

It took her a while to settle down and get to sleep, but I think she only wandered out of her room twice. There was some kicking and thumping, but she's asleep. And oh so cute...


My baby's growing up...
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Right now, Lauren has been banished to her cribby. Why? SPITTING! She won't stop spitting! I put her in her exersaucer when I go to shower, and when I came out, there was a big pile of saliva-y marshmallows on the floor as well as some just plain old saliva. I HATE THIS AND SHE KNOWS IT! I told her no more spitting or she'd have to go to her cribby. She looked at me and spit. She is in her cribby.

We went to the gym this morning. Usually Lauren goes to Playcare and Julie the girl watching her. Today, Julie had a final exam so Denise was there. In the past, Lauren has FREAKED OUT. Crying and clinging to my leg. One time, we just went home because it so isn't worth listening to my baby scream like that. Today though, we were there early enough that I stayed with them for 45m or so til Lauren could get used to Denise. All was well til another mom, Paulette, came to bring her daughter. Lauren FREAKED OUT. As soon as Paulette left she was fine. SO FRUSTRATING.

My staying seemed to help - I was able to go work out for a bit. Lauren wasn't 100% happy, but she managed.

Anyway, I suppose I should go free her from her cribby. Tonight, we're going to look at mattresses again. My girl is almost ready for her Big Girl Bed.
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My mother-in-law, [ profile] teikasmom, has been fostering 4 baby kitties from the SPCA for the last 10 days. I've taken the kids to see them 4 times. We love baby kitties. Today was the first time Lauren was actually trying to play with them. She has a string in her hand here, and one of the kitties, I think this is Elmo, is climbing up her leg to get at it. It was most adorable.

Now, this is the way I like kitties. 4 little kitties, 10 days, then give 'em back. I don't want cats - I just like the kitties. In fact, this is even better because they stay with my MIL, and all I have to do is go play with them.

Apparently she will have kitties like this until into June.

We will be making a lot of trips to Grammie's house.

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I have a pot-luck Baby Shower lunch to goto on Friday and I have no idea what to bring.

This lunch will be held at work, where people only get a half hour break to eat. I start my shift at 10 and lunches start, obviously, at 12.

I'm not the best cook in the world - i'm looking for something easy but something people would want to eat at a potluck.

Any suggestions??


I have no access to a stove or oven at work. We have a microwave, toaster, toaster oven, and fridge. And a table that seats about 8. And the mommy and daddy are both coworkers.
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