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So, my big plan was to start For Real after we got back from Montreal.

On Tuesday, we went to Walmart and bought a seat to go on the big toilet (in addition to the potty we already have - one for upstairs, one for down), those Feel N Learn Pampers dealies, and about 15 more pairs of panties, so I don't have to do laundry every damn day.

I also bought M&M's and balloons for bribes.

Somewhere along the way, Lauren became irrationally afraid of the potty. Won't sit on it. AT ALL. So yesterday, we put her in panties for a bit, then took her into the bathroom trying to convince her to just SIT on the potty. Sit on the potty and you can have a balloon. PEE on the potty and you can have chocolates.

Fifteen minutes of this and we get about 1.2 seconds of sitting on the potty.

Fine, she gets a balloon. We put her panties back on and blow up her balloon. Steve is BBQing supper, so Lauren takes her balloon outside.

and as she goes to pick it up the thing

in her face, scaring the bejeezus out of her.

So now she's irrationally afraid of the potty AND balloons.

Today, after our outing to the paddling pool, we tried again. I put her in panties and tried to get her to sit on the potty. No way. Eventually she ended up peeing on the floor, which really upset her. I took her upstairs and tried to put her on the seat over the big toilet. I have never seen someone arch their back so much to avoid sitting.

As I was putting her diaper on she's crying and says, "I no like panties. I no like balloons"

So I'm thinking that it's going to be an exercise in frustration at this point. She's obviously not ready.

But in other news, she got her night-time milk in a sippy cup tonight with no squawking. By tomorrow all the bottles will be GONE and if she wants her milk, it will be in a sippy cup.

Baby steps, right? :)

And in still other news, excepting about 3 pages from towards the beginning, Lauren's First Year scrapbook is done. And she's thisclose to being 2 1/2. :)
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