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See, here's why I don't like working til midnight. 2:49 and I'm still awake.

I didn't even get home til after 1am because we're having some sort of Planned Power Outage over night to fix the main breaker to the mall, so we had to shut everything REALLY down, and apparently there were issues that took nearly an hour.


Somebody needs to tell my boss that 18 year old girls do not make very good Supervisors. I mean like, they totally don't, or whatever, blah blah blah. No, I don't want a ride home at like 12:30am, I'm like, 18 and everything, i mean, like, what do you think would happen to me? Whatever. No, i'm NOT getting in your car, i'm WALKING!


We went to visit my M-I-L's 11 baby kitties today. Lauren is getting very good about picking them up. She says over and over "pick up with two hands round the tummy!" She brings me one, then goes to get one for Grammie, and by that time, mine has gone, so she goes and gets me another one, and by that time, Grammie's is gone... :) It's cute to watch.


When we were in Montreal we went to Ikea. For 4 hours. And $200. Imagine the damage I could do if it wasn't 9 hours away!


We also found a Krispy Kreme. I pledge allegiance to my Tim Horton's coffee (couldn't bring myself to try the KK!) but I could be persuaded to eat one of those hot doughnuts every day for the rest of my life. Might be a good thing it's 9 hours away... :)


Note to Customers: If you get a prescription from your doctor on June 30, why not bring it to the drug store on that day? Why wait until the night before your appointment? That way we can do something about the fact that we can't get the particular vaccine your doctor wrote for. Instead, now your doctor is on vacation for a week, so we can't talk to her about why she wrote for NeisVac C meningitis vaccine instead of Menjugate. Maybe she doesn't care which one you get, maybe she does. I'm not about to guess, so you're just going to have to wait til we can talk to her.


Note to drunk/high guy who was in the store at 11:45pm: NO we WILL NOT carry you out to your van.

(yes, he asked the cosmetician)


Mmmm... Zesty Cheese Doritos...


From [ profile] ginsu's quiz, I am Adam R. So you know.

Of course, in looking for the quiz, I see that it's gone from Wes' journal. Believe me, it was damn funny


Okay, that's enough. The child will be up in no less than 6 hours. (yes, she does sleep past 9 most days - jealous?)
I must try to sleep.
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