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I'm not used to working 4 days in a row. Sucks.

Tonight was busy because the power was off from 8:30 til about 3:30. No computers to get any labels ready.

By the time I got there at 6, we had a line up of, oh, about 150 Rx that needed to be processed thru the computer, filled and checked. On top of all the people who kept coming in and calling and everything.

We did pretty good. Didn't get it all done, but made a huge dent in it.

And now I'm officially on holidays. Not back to work til July 11. Woo.

Tomorrow is Mall Day. Must get a few last minute things for the big trip to Montreal. Then we're going to visit Crazy Cat Lady. I mean my mother in law.

She has been fostering kitties for the SPCA. She gets them for 10 days or so, just to keep them socialized til they're ready to be adopted. I think the most she had before was a mommy with 4 kittens. Today, she (crazily) agreed to look after 2 mommies and 11 four week old kittens for a month. Steve and the kids went to see them tonight, but alas, I was at work and couldn't go.

and now, i must sleep.

Date: 2005-06-28 01:04 pm (UTC)
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Enjoy your time off!

I saw the kitty pics in your husband's LJ. How adorable!


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