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For those of you not paying close attention, (and really, why would you?) we are trying to get Lauren to eat vegetables. She will eat frozen peas and corn and that is all. So, we're trying to broaden her horizons. Last night it was some sort of 'baby vegetables' mix by Green Giant.

It did not go well. So 'not well', that I, in extreme frustration, left the table and let Steve deal with her. The deal is, no vegetables, no freezies. Last night, there were no freezies.

Tonight, in a much better frame of mind, it was my turn to get her to eat. Her options? ONE cooked (frozen) carrot, or ONE slice of cucumber with dip, or no freezies.

There were no freezies. After 20-25 minutes of cajoling and threatening and trying to trick her into opening her mouth so i could jam it in, the closest I got was her licking the dip off the cucumber.

She's almost 2 1/2 and she has a temper/stubborn streak to go with her red hair.

But I will prevail. I don't know how long it will take, but I will prevail.

but say a little prayer for me when it comes time to a) potty train and 2) take her milk bottles away.
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