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Lauren was up at 7:45 today. I really don't like the sevens. Steve got her up and brought her to bed with me, with her bottle.

Yes, she's 2 1/2 and still has 2 bottles of milk per day. I'm not 100% crazy about it but a) she needs milk and WILL NOT DRINK IT OUT OF ANYTHING BUT A BOTTLE (I know - I've tried) and b) she only has it at home - one in the morning and one before bed, which does NOT go to bed with her. She is not roaming the malls with a bottle, like some kids i've seen.

Then we went to the gym. It is SO hard to be motivated to go to that place in the summer, so I put my membership on Pause for the summer. For $10/month, it's paused and the time gets extended at the end. I did this last summer too and it was SO worth it. We'll go back in mid-August when Nick starts his summer camps there and we have to be there anyway.

Then we had lunch. Why do I find it SO hard to find something for that child to eat? She ate 1/2 a PB&J today. Sometimes she'll eat one piece of toast with cheez whiz. Sometimes grilled cheese. Sometimes Chef Boy-ar-dee. Sometimes soup, but that's really hard for her to feed to herself.

And why won't she eat raw veggies? She WILL NOT. I used to put it off to "she has so few teeth, it must be hard to chew" but her eye teeth are finally coming in. Still no 2 year molars though. I'm not worried - both Steve and I were slow to get and lose teeth. I lost had my last baby tooth pulled when I was 15, and Steve had his last one pulled in 2002 before he got his braces. Anyway, my point is, she needs more raw veggies. I am going to try cucumber this week. Wish me luck.

We watched Sesame Street at 2pm on PBS Seattle. Well, I dozed. She watched. Until I realized she was sleeping too. Oh, how sweet to have a 2 year old snuggled up and sleeping in your arms.

Of course, now the bastardly construction vehicles are making noise in the court and she woke up. But yay for hour long naps! :)
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