Jun. 4th, 2005


Jun. 4th, 2005 12:13 am
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They can be weird, ya know.

So it was about 4:55 today. I was off at 5. A guy came to the counter to see if his doctor had called in his prescription for malaria prevention pills. He had. We went to get it ready. It came to $346.

Understandably, Dude was upset. I mean, that's a lot of money for malaria pills. However. At 4:55pm on a Friday afternoon, there is not a whole lot I can do about it. I can't change it to something else without the doctor's okay. Chances of finding a family doctor in his office at 4:55pm on a Friday? yeah, none.

So I ask the dude when he's leaving on his trip, thinking we could call on Monday. Yeah, tomorrow morning. So to sum up, THE DAY BEFORE his trip to some malaria infested country, he calls his doctor for a prescription, then comes for it at FIVE PM on a Friday afternoon, just assuming there would be no issues. And you know, even if he was willing to go for the $346 prescription, I don't think we had that many tablets on hand. Our next order arrives on Monday morning.

I suppose I should mention this drug needs to be taken for 1-2 days before entering the area and then for at least a week after leaving the area. Oh, did I mention the Rx was for 70 pills? That means we're looking at an EIGHT WEEK trip here. Not exactly a spur of the moment thing. Do people not think ahead??

At 5:00pm, as one of the techs was asking for my opinion on what we could do for the guy, I actually said to her, "you know what? It's 5pm. This is officially Not My Problem. Ask Heather."
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Okay, i like to think i'm not a snob about people's weight. i'm heavy. i've been heavier, but i've been lighter. i try not to judge.

what i DO judge is people allowing their 5 year old to be 95lbs. it's JUST NOT RIGHT.


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