May. 30th, 2005

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So i was downstairs scrapbooking, when i heard my sweet baby crying. I ran upstairs and she was trying to open her door and when I got it open, she practically jumped into my arms in terror. I don't know WHAT she was afraid of, but she seemed very afraid.

I laid with her for a while and sang to her and rubbed her back, and as I was trying to get up to leave, she jumped up and wanted "uppy, mommy! uppy!"

So, i held her and rocked her but she's just getting so big, so I laid down and she snuggled in right on top of me. Any time I tried to get up she just clung to me.

So I told her i had to go get my jammies on and brush my teeth, so I laid her in bed with daddy. she's still there.

i'm half afraid to try to move her, yet I really don't want to sleep in her bed.

i wish i knew what frightened her so - i hate to see her like that.


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