May. 20th, 2005

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To my darling daughter,

We need to discuss more appropriate wake up times. For the record, 6:45am is NOT appropriate. Where did the days of 9:45 go?? At this point, I'd enjoy the 8:15 of two weeks ago. Just please, no more 6:45am.

Love, Mommy


I was at work tonight. Since I don't normally work Thursdays, I was asked why I was there. My answer? "I need money for grass".

LAWN grass, of course. Landscaping is freaking expensive.


Steve lost his laptop computer. For 2 days he didn't know where the sucker was. Last night he asked me if I knew where it was. I told him i'd go look around upstairs for a bit. Less than 10 seconds later I had found it. It was under my pants. No, I'm not real good at putting my clothes away, why do you ask?

In a related story, tonight at work, Pam couldn't find the Glucagon. Looked all over for it. I suggested 2 or 3 different possibilities, then said, "did you look under my pants?"

Sometimes, I crack myself up. And only myself, apparently, judging by the totally blank look on her face ;)


Scrapbooking dilemma. Yeah, I know. Big crisis. Anyway. I'm working on Lauren's album. I'm in December 2003. It's getting pretty full and I need a new album pretty soon. My dilemma is, do I have a 2003 album, a 2004 album, etc. or do I have a Lauren's First Year album, Second Year album. Her birthday is January 27. Discuss. ;)


I think I shall go read now. For those of you who like murder mystery type books, may I suggest Harlan Coben. He's tres bien.
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I have reacheck the "NEED FOOD" [art of oging to sleep under the invluence of imovane.

good thing i hvae GUMMY woRMS!!!!

"i mean, jesus christ it's just a worm"

that quote attributed to matthew, 6yo son of a coworker as he explains his fear of worms, adn apparently feels some shame in this fear.

cracks me up to this very day.


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