Apr. 29th, 2005

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i forgot that i had to goto work tomorrow., til like 12:35am. i took an imovane. i laid in bed and tormented my husband for a bit. 12:50 took 2 gravo's and left the room. i'm thinking they're working some becuae my typing ins bettiong worse. getting worse. so chedck out this lovely schedule, all because Ryan thinks hse needs to go be with his wife as they're giving birth to their first child. :P

Friday ap29 - 10-5
saturdaat ap30 9-6
sunday may 1 off
monday 5-9 in oromocto
tuesday may 3 5-10
wedensdayy may 4off
thursday may 5 5-10
frioday may 6 5-10
saturday may 7 9-6

may not sound THAT bad, but a) i won't see my husband and B) my parens are arriving from winniepg on May 7 at 5:30pm. So my days leading up to that are alone with a 2 year old - not conducive to getting ANYTHING done and then work. i have a list of things i was planning to make and bake. and buy for groceries. we'll see how organized i get. OH and also must gotot he gym 3 days nextweek. ack ack ack.

wehn i take my sleeping pills i get SO HUNGRY AND THURSDAY. THIRSTY. must stumble down stairs to sleee if if ic an find antying . .....

i have crackers and oj and agranola barr. i have done eleventy six loads of laundry in the past 2 days. it's starting to get to me.

and you peolpe all need to post more. what's this about someirishbaby? :)


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