Apr. 25th, 2005

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Big Girl Bed - Night 2. All is well. She was sleeping on top of the covers down at the foot of the bed, but I have since moved her into proper position. She didn't get out of bed at all tonight. I wonder how she'll be in the morning??


Big trip to Saint John to spend my Old Navy gift cards today. I got 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of work pants and 1 Tshirt. Lauren got one shirt and one pair of khaki capris. Nick got 1 tshirt. steve got nothing. It's all good.


I think i quite like that Grey's Anatomy show. Gotta admit I didn't see the whole Dr Yang/ Dr Burke thing coming. Well, not before tonight anyway.


13 more days til my parents come! Whee!! Of course the downside of that is 13 more days to clean my house and decide what in hell i'm going to feed them and shop for provisions. of course, i suck, so Molly Maid is coming to clean my house for me. Back in the day when i was working full time, they would come every other week and clean my house. Oh, how i miss that. Right now, I can get one room clean at a time, but I canNOT seem to get the whole house clean at once. I figure we can spring for that once or twice a year. :)


Tomorrow is gym day. I hate the gym. I've been going faithfully for 16+ months now, and I still hate it. I wonder when that will stop?


Tuesday is mall day. Lauren is also getting her pictures taken at Sears. She is 27 months old now.


Wednesday is gym day AND optometrist day. I figured I hadn't been in 3+ years so it was time to go. See if my LASIK is holding. It's been 6+ years since I had THAT done. The first time.


Thursday is gym day. and possibly grocery day. we shall see.


Friday is Work Day. So is Saturday.


With my weeks this predictable, it's no freaking wonder one week just blurs into the next.
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After a very stressful 4 hours at work. 112 Rx filled in 4 hours. That's almost 1 every 2 minutes. And 2 mistakes made that I know about. It always happens when you're trying to hurry - mistakes get made. Stupid stupid STUPID mistakes - not life-threatening, just STUPID things that shouldn't happen. And yet when I'm trying to please people by getting their meds to them quickly, stupid things happen.

But I did buy myself some sparkly lip gloss and sparkly eye shadow in folie d'or to help me get over my stress.

And then I remember the sweetest thing my daughter has ever said to me. We were playing today and I was making her laugh and she looked at me and said, "You're so cute, Mommy!". I love that child.

And now I must eat. The peanut butter toast from 3:30pm is long gone.


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