Apr. 14th, 2005

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My mother-in-law, [livejournal.com profile] teikasmom, has been fostering 4 baby kitties from the SPCA for the last 10 days. I've taken the kids to see them 4 times. We love baby kitties. Today was the first time Lauren was actually trying to play with them. She has a string in her hand here, and one of the kitties, I think this is Elmo, is climbing up her leg to get at it. It was most adorable.

Now, this is the way I like kitties. 4 little kitties, 10 days, then give 'em back. I don't want cats - I just like the kitties. In fact, this is even better because they stay with my MIL, and all I have to do is go play with them.

Apparently she will have kitties like this until into June.

We will be making a lot of trips to Grammie's house.

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Right now, Lauren has been banished to her cribby. Why? SPITTING! She won't stop spitting! I put her in her exersaucer when I go to shower, and when I came out, there was a big pile of saliva-y marshmallows on the floor as well as some just plain old saliva. I HATE THIS AND SHE KNOWS IT! I told her no more spitting or she'd have to go to her cribby. She looked at me and spit. She is in her cribby.

We went to the gym this morning. Usually Lauren goes to Playcare and Julie the girl watching her. Today, Julie had a final exam so Denise was there. In the past, Lauren has FREAKED OUT. Crying and clinging to my leg. One time, we just went home because it so isn't worth listening to my baby scream like that. Today though, we were there early enough that I stayed with them for 45m or so til Lauren could get used to Denise. All was well til another mom, Paulette, came to bring her daughter. Lauren FREAKED OUT. As soon as Paulette left she was fine. SO FRUSTRATING.

My staying seemed to help - I was able to go work out for a bit. Lauren wasn't 100% happy, but she managed.

Anyway, I suppose I should go free her from her cribby. Tonight, we're going to look at mattresses again. My girl is almost ready for her Big Girl Bed.


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