Apr. 6th, 2005

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We're all out of sorts with Steve gone.

I'm just wandering the house til all hours. Scrapbooking. Cleaning. Reading year old Cosmos. (2:45am last night)

Nick took FIVE HOURS to do his homework yesterday. Was it actually FIVE HOURS WORTH? Not hardly. What took him so long. Well, in his own words, "I might have been dawdling a bit...."

I put Lauren to bed last night at 9pm. By 10 she was still awake and whining and kicking her crib and calling for me. So I brought her downstairs and we watched The Amazing Race. They were in Africa and my sweet baby impressed my by naming all the animals that were shown.

Tonight, we called Gramma and Grampa so she could sing Old McDonald for them, so she didn't get to bed til 9:30. 10:30 and she's whining and kicking and calling for me. So I brought her downstairs. I don't even think I had laid her down in her quilt bed before she was asleep. I kept her down there for an hour though, cause I just like looking at her sleeping.

Thank heavens Steve is home tomorrow at 4:40pm. That's like 16 hours and 40 minutes from now. Whee :)


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