Mar. 6th, 2005


Mar. 6th, 2005 03:37 pm
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So, Telemiracle is on this weekend. This is a telethon in Saskatchewan (where I grew up) put on by the Kinsmen. It is in it's 29th year and over the years has raised over $60million for sick kids in Saskatchewan. All money stays in Saskatchewan and 99% of it is donated by Saskatchewan residents. To put it in perspective, I'm not sure there's even a million people in Saskatchewan anymore.

When my friend's sister in law was pregnant, it was discovered at an ultrasound that her baby had a heart defect and would need immediate heart surgery after he was born. Would in fact probably need 3 surgeries before he was a year old. In Edmonton. Telemiracle helped fund the expenses his family incurred.

Telemiracle has some pretty big (Canadian) names this year. George Fox. Alannah Myles. Colin James. Canadian Idol runner up Teresa Sykorka, who is from Saskatoon. Gloria Loring keeps showing up. As does Bob McGrath from Sesame Street.

Bob cracks me up. You know how people like to name drop and talk about projects they've been working on? Like "and here's a song I've been working on with SHANIA TWAIN for my latest album." Or some such nonsense. Not Bob. Oh no. Bob says, "now here's a duet I sang with COOKIE MONSTER on Sesame Street this year". Cracks me up.

Since Telemiracle is on, it's time for me to drag out my "I tried to go to Telemiracle" story. Steve, shut up.

It was 1983. I was in grade 4. My friend Maureen and I wanted to go to Telemiracle. It's a cheesy local telethon, but we made "Ring those Phones!" posters and "HIGHER!" posters. (To answer the inevitable question, "Where are we going??")

So right. The telethon starts at 9pm. Her mom dropped us off at the Centennial Auditorium in Saskatoon. We stood in line only to be told later that it was full and we probably wouldn't be able to get in til after 1am. So now we're alone in downtown Saskatoon. Did I mention we're 9 years old? So we walked through a couple of dark alleys to The Midtown Plaza where my dad worked and I knew there were pay phones. I don't know why I had money for the phone, but I did. We called up my mom and she came to pick us up.

Now, here's where I put it in perspective. NICK IS NINE. Would I let him and a friend goto an overnight 20 hour telethon by themselves? Not bloody likely. And if I did, I would for damn sure make sure they actually got IN to the telethon before leaving them alone downtown.

And now I must go donate online. :)


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