Mar. 2nd, 2005

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Snow day today. Apparently in NB, when there is even a slight possibility of more than 5cm of snow, there can be no school. I cannot even begin to tell you how weenie i think this is. Yeah, it was stormy looking for an hour or so. big freaking deal.

Mostly i just get pissy when mall day gets cancelled. I love mall day. I do NOT love Mall Day with a 9 year old boy, so rather than attempt it, we cancel it.

My poor bunny is sick. I don't know why. She was all out of sorts today, and I noticed her cheeks were flushed earlier but put it down to having a fire in the fireplace or teething. Nope. Fever. 102.3F. Gave her a shot of Tylenol and she went to sleep at about 7:30. Woke up again at about 8:15. Had her milk. Back to bed. She still feels warm, but not to the point where i think we should wake her up to give her medicine.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. Gym day. And early dismissal.

Okay, when I was a kid, we went to school from 9-12 and 1:15 to 3:30. Sometimes 1pm-3:15. But you know, that was the gist of it. Here in Fredericton, it's 8:10am (!) to 3pm. I know they get a lunch hour somewhere - just not sure of the time. Oh, except for Wednesday. They get every freaking Wednesday afternoon off. WTF is up with that? First of all, it's INSANE to think of putting a little 4 year old boy on the bus to go to kindergarten for *8:10am*. It's just stupid, but that's what happened. I mean, in all my 18 years of schooling, the earliest I had class was 8:30, and that wasn't until highschool.

I'm rambling, but I HATE the school divisions here. Up until about 5 years ago, there was ONE HIGHSCHOOL in the city. 3000 kids in 10-12. It's STUPID.

And I should goto bed. It's hard to be on the elliptical machine and yawning constantly.
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Sweet baby is indeed sick.

She got up quite early today and was fine all morning. She had a 90m nap around noon. Then we spent most of the afternoon snuggling on the couch and watching Sesame Street and Baby Einstein DVDs.

She barely ate all day. She had a package of instant oatmeal at 11am or so and a cheese slice this afternoon. She had 2 mouthfuls of omelet for supper, most of which ended up on her shirt. I then got out the last of our baby food jars and she had 2 bites of that. Then she asked to "sit on mommy's knee" and fell asleep. That was about an hour ago. She's still conked right out her in crib.

I hate it when she doesn't feel good. I took her temperature once today with our ear thermometer but she HATES it. She cried and said "put it away, mommy!" when i was done. It was 99.6 today. I gave her a dose of Tylenol anyway, just to be safe.


Anyway, i'm taking advantage of this time to work on her scrapbook. Steve is at a meeting tonight til likely 11pm. Well, that's about when he'll be home since the meeting is in Hillsborough - over 2 hours away. Anyway, her scrapbook. I'm up to July 2003. Woo. I like how it's turning out, but geez, i'm just not very fast.

I should get back to it or else i'm going to get sucked into the latest Trial Game i downloaded from RealArcade. :P
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Sweet baby is in fact REALLY sick.

About an hour ago I took her temperature again. 102.5F. Then she puked up everything she had eaten today. All over me.

We were sitting on the couch watching Lilo and Stitch with Nick at the time, so I asked him to run and get me some paper towel. He brought me ONE. So I asked him to get me a dish towel. He tried to take the hand-drying towel off the oven door. I said NO, A DISH TOWEL! So after looking in the oven mitt drawer and the spice drawer, he finally found a face cloth and threw that at me. Not that it actually got to me. Poor kid - he was a wee bit freaked out.

Since Lauren got puke in her hair, I gave her a bath. It did not go well. She cried through the whole thing. After I was done and had sent Nick to shower, he came to me and asked if I needed to use the bathroom for Lauren before he went to shower. What a thoughtful kid. I had already bathed her in my tub though - mostly because since i was all covered in puke I thought i might have to get in there with her.

I figured giving her milk maybe wasn't the best thing, so I called my mom for a couple minutes to confirm that. Got Nick to bed. Asked Lauren if she wanted to go in her cribby or snuggle mommy. She of course chose to snuggle mommy. I got a bottle of juice ready for her in case she wanted something, but she didn't.

So now she's in her cribby sleeping. I hope she feels better soon. :/


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