Feb. 25th, 2005

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Do you ever catch yourself turning into your own mother?

And does that seriously scare the hell out of you?

While we were home at Christmas, we were sitting around one night having our coffee. My mom had been up early that day and was obviously quite tired. We went upstairs to get Lauren ready for bed and when we came back down, my mother had fallen asleep. Still holding her coffee. Which, because she was asleep, she let go of, and she spilled it all over herself and the floor.

we laughed.

Today, during Sesame Street, I was drinking my tea. I was tired. I was trying to ignore Zoe singing about "The best best best best best best best best PET!!!! In the whole wide world!" Apparently, I fell asleep. I only know this because I woke up with a jolt when the hot tea hit my leg.

I mean GEEZ!!!!!
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A friend of mine (one of those crazy Zone types) is walking in EIGHT Avon Walks for Breast Cancer! That's 314 miles in eight cities. That's a long damn ways. She has set a fundraising goal of $25,000. I am in awe. What I am most in awe about is that she doesn't just go around asking for money. She has her teddy bear auctions, has other people making and selling things for her, and then there's the CafePress store.

I covet a lot of things at that store and have already placed one order. Oh hurry hurry DHL.

You should check it out and a) be in awe of her efforts, B) be in awe of her photographic skills and C) buy something cool to help her out.


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