Feb. 22nd, 2005


Feb. 22nd, 2005 02:38 am
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i'm so thirsty.

too much caffeine today - 1 can diet pepsi, 2 large Tim's coffees, 1/2 bottle Diet Coke with lime. No wonder i'm still up.

and i'm too pissy to goto bed. and really thirsty.

i worked 1-9 today. after about 30m i was regretting that decision as it was FREAKISHLY busy. realistically though, if i hadn't gone in at 1, it all would have been waiting for me when i got there for my regular 5-9 shift. but geez. it's so busy and my idiot boss keeps cutting hours of 2 of the girls. and he doesn't think he needs to hire anyone else when our hours change from 9-9 to 8-midnight. the man is on crack.

note to all doctors. please for the love of God, remember to write down HOW MANY Tylenol #3s you want me to give your patient. i'm really not comfortable guessing. and if you forget, PLEASE for the love of God, don't disappear off the face of the earth 24 hours after writing the aforementioned Rx. 5 phone calls and i can't find the guy and since he's an intern, even the answering services don't know who he belongs to or where he is. makes for a frustrating time, when as i mentioned before, it was already FREAKISHLY busy.

and Dr P? Metformin and metoprolol are different. As are Crestor and Questran. I know they sound the same, but take a minute and make sure you write down the right one.

did i mention i'm pissy? :P

but since it is nearing 3am and i should goto bed. :P
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i forgot. i had the most VIVID dream last night. i had just given birth to my second child. a boy. matthew christopher. he had red hair too.

EVERY TIME i dream about my second baby, it's a boy. and i wake up frustrated because I WANT A GIRL! I know i'll love my baby boy the second he's put in my arms, but why can't i just once dream about having another girl!?!


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