Feb. 16th, 2005

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It's officially February 16. My baby cousin's birthday. Of course, seeing as it's her TWENTIETH birthday, I guess she's not so much a baby anymore.

I distinctly remember Leah being born. I was 11, almost 12. I was SO desperate for her to be a girl, because my aunt had a boy last time and I wasn't all that impressed. She was born on a Saturday. I know it was a weekend because my very best friend Shawna was sleeping over. I figured it was about damn time because she was due on the 5th for heaven's sake! Leah was one of the last babies born in the hospital in Central Butte, SK. She was the New Year's Baby for the hospital. February 16. Love small town Saskatchewan.

My family went to visit her on the weekend of March 1. I missed the carnival at school to see her. She was the very first red-headed baby I fell in love with. Obviously not the last. :)

We had a neat relationship growing up. Her brother and my sister are about 18months apart in age, so they played together, and Leah and I would play. We would always have to go downstairs and "play toys" I introduced her to the wonders of pop music. At age 3 she loved George Michael and Def Leppard. She would sing Pour Some Sugar On Me, and really, why didn't we have a video camera back then? When I went away for the summer after Grade12, she wrote me a letter. I still have that. She was also one of the bridesmaids in my wedding in 2002.

Leah now lives in Edmonton and is studying to be a nurse. I am so proud of her. I still can't believe she's twenty.

Here she is, at age 3...

And here she is in May 2003, at her highschool grad...

Happy Birthday Missydoodle!!!


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