Jan. 30th, 2005

i'm bored

Jan. 30th, 2005 12:17 am
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bored bored bored bored bored.

and i just ate a million jelly beans. so not on the WW plan, but whatever.

i have been surfing around trying to find interesting journals to read. i've added a couple people recently - people who are neither Zoners nor family. how bizarre. who knew such people even existed? anyway, my problem is, oh current friends list, that you are not writing enough. can anyone suggest to me interesting people to read who likely won't freak out when some random Canadian chick adds them as a friend??

oh, and while i'm thinking about it, people like [livejournal.com profile] arwenoid need to figure a way that i can read their blog on LJ because it's interesting to read but i remember to go to their webpage like every 6 months so it's hard to catch up.


i want to DO something tomorrow, yet i know i'll end up sleeping in til some obscene hour, then laying on the couch for another 4 hours, then it will be suppertime and too late to do anything. i need to get out of this house. and NOT to go to work, because that's not fun.


speaking of work, today at work, i wanted chips. So not on the WW plan so i called steve so he could talk me out of it. here is the gist of our conversation.

C: I want chips.
S: ummm... okay...
C: no, that's not what you're supposed to say
S: oh. you shouldn't have chips. they're bad for you. i'm making shepherd's pie for supper. you can eat that instead.
C: Does it taste like chips?
S: No, but it will taste good.
C: But i want chips.
S: you don't need chips
C: But i WANT chips. What do we have at home that i can eat instead of chips...
S: We have cake...
C: I'm hanging up on you.

And i did.

so about 10m later he called back.

S: You hung up on me!
C: I told you i was going to! I want chips.
S: I've made a good supper. it will be ready as soon as you get home.
C: but what about an hour later when i'm hungry for chips??
S: you can have something else
C: what do we have that will taste like chips?
S: You can have toast!
C: that's boring
S: you could put honey on it!
C: That doesn't taste like chips!!
S: well, then you could put salt on it!
C: Great. salt on toast. this is how you want me to overcome my chip craving...

and then i had to hang up because customers were looking at me strangely.


I did NOT buy chips, but as I was paying for my other stuff, i saw THIS HEADLINE and was practically sick to my stomach. The headline reads 3 hours to free baby from locked day care - Six-month-old inadvertently left behind after staff closed up for the day

Can you imagine being that poor mother? Although upon reading the article further, i don't know that I would have gone to a pub after my child's first day of daycare. Regardless for heaven's sake, MAKE SURE ALL THE KIDS HAVE GONE HOME BEFORE YOU CLOSE THE DAYCARE!

Just recently in Fredericton, some bus driver let off a 5 year old girl at the wrong stop, about a mile from her ACTUAL stop. She didn't show up at her daycare and everyone was frantic. Thankfully 2 university students saw this little girl wandering around by herself and asked if she needed help. She wasn't scared or crying - just lost.

Yet another reason I don't have my child in daycare.


Anyway, I think that is all for tonight. i need a beverage and I may go sort through pictures for my next scrapbooking extravaGANza


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