Jan. 25th, 2005

Two Things

Jan. 25th, 2005 12:42 am
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Today, we bought tickets to see Sarah McLachlan in concert!!! Whee! I never would have guessed she'd come to this cultural wasteland. I thought if she came anywhere close, it'd be Halifax, a 5 hour drive away. But no! She's coming to both Moncton and Saint John. Heaven forbid Fredericton, but hey, Saint John is only an hour away! And I get to see Sarah!


Director Kevin Smith is going to appear on Degrassi: The Next Generation . For some reason this totally cracks me up.
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to my Mastercard, anyway.

so today was our first Mall Day in nearly 2 weeks. Bad weather and cancelled school had been keeping us home and I was going stir crazy.

So today we went to shop at the mall. I discovered that I no longer can buy Sears Baby stuff for Lauren since she's almost *2* and not so much a baby. It doesn't look right. And the 2-6X stuff, quite frankly, is ugly.

No such hesitations in The Children's Place. Oh, how I love that store. I spent way too much but justified it by a) she needs jeans. She's wearing some now that I KNOW she's had since before she turned one. They're a wee bit tight around the tummy now. :/ So we got 2 pairs of jeans. And b) It's her birthday in TWO DAYS and she needs a new outfit. Or something... mostly I just wanted it. And then there's the 2 pairs of sunglasses. Because.

And then there is Walmart. I can spend a small fortune in that place, and today I did. $204 before my coupons, $187 after them. I had a whole bunch of coupons expiring on Jan31, so I figured toilet paper and paper towels and Mr Clean and Tide and shampoo don't go bad. Let's use the coupons. And then there's the whole big "I haven't bought diapers and wipes since before Christmas" ExtravaGANza. So yeah, an expensive day at Walmart.

And we're going back to the mall on Thursday. Thursday is my bunny's second birthday and we must go get portraits taked at Sears. They have this Smilesaver program... basically, they waive the sitting fee of $17 each time for 2 years if you buy a $30 Smilesaver Card. I bought that card in Feb of 2003 for her 1 month pictures. We had monthly pictures taken til she was 1, then every 3 months til tomorrow, and 2 family portraits for... 18 sittings. I think I got my $30 worth. :)


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