Jan. 21st, 2005

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my right thumb is so dry, it's splitting. and it hurts when i put it in water. so steve does the dishes.

then tonight when making supper, i cut a slice into my left index finger. i forgot we got new knives for xmas that are actually sharp. nick was seting the table when this happened, and i made a growly ouchy noise. he then frantically started explaining why he was doing something a certain way. i then explained i was not growling at him, but that my finger hurt. it was doing okay til somehow tonight lauren jumped on me weird or something and it opened up and started bleeding again. right now i am trying to type without it and it turns out you use a lot of those keys when you type. ouch.

but i am NOT doing any dishes!
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okay, so the overhead light fixture in this room just exploded. the light is still on - the dome over it has shattered into 40billion pieces. i just went to wake steve up so he could see it. it's so freaking bizarre. and now there's glass everywhere, but i don't foresee it getting vacuumed til tomorrow night. lauren's room is right across the hall so that lets out doing it now or during a nap tomorrow. and the child is terrified of the vacuum so i can't hardly do it with her around. i think i have to wash the bedspread off the bed too cause there are so many wee shards.

how freaking bizarre.
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I am now caught up in Lauren's Scrapbook to Jun11, 2003.

I'm now only 19 1/2 months behind.

And I just went through our digital pictures for Jun-Aug 2003 and am going to get 51 prints. Plus I've pulled 16 from her photo album. So 67 pictures for 2 1/2 months. No wonder I'm so freaking far behind. :P


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