Jan. 20th, 2005

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it's -4C here. so oh about 25F.

School is cancelled.

I sent Nick out for school at the usual time and went back to bed. 10m later the doorbell rang and he told me that the lady who runs the daycare by his bus stop told him school was cancelled. Sure enough, it is.

Now, there is a "Heavy Snowfall Warning" for up to 10 inches or so, but COME ON!!!! this is the weiner-iest school division in the history of the universe!!!
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okay, i think we're both calmed down enough to continue.

we're in Day Two of the post-constipation diaper changes. I first had to piss her off royally by using a suppository to get things moving. now she doesn't trust me.

and i think this was her 5th dirty diaper in 24 hours. and she HATES getting wiped. but you know, she HAS TO GET WIPED. but did i mention she hates it? She'll squirm away and clench her little butt and lock her knees together. and the child is STRONG. and i hate having to force my way, but dammit, she NEEDS TO BE WIPED.

so after the latest debacle, i threw her in her crib and walked away. sometimes you just need to walk away.


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